Financial & Insurance


An Investment in Your Future


We feel that orthodontic treatment is a worthwhile investment in the future of you or your child's dental and general health.  Orthodontic fees can vary from patient to patient depending on the time needed for active correction of the bite problem, as well as the type of braces and auxiliary appliances that may be needed.

When comparing orthodontic fees, one must be careful to consider many aspects of your orthodontic journey.   Not all orthodontic offices are the same.  We pride ourselves on striving to give you the best experience while straightening your teeth .    

It is important to understand that the treatment time estimate, the type and quality of the braces and wires,  or the design of the clear appliance system, such as Invisalign,  may vary significantly.   The amount of  personalized attention given at each appointment, and the technology used to diagnose and  correct the bite, should also be considered. 

We feel the experience and  expertise of the orthodontist,  combined with the competence of the staff, working together as a team, to obtain a consistent, predictable and excellent result in every patient,  is the most important consideration.  

Our office strives to provide such outstanding service to each of our patients.

In order to make the financial aspect of treatment fit into your budget, we offer the ability to spread the total fee over the estimated time of active treatment. We offer  flexible options and  payment plans to make orthodontics affordable for each patient.   The payments can be divided, interest free, over the remaining treatment period, either monthly or quarterly.  It is important to remember that your individualized payment schedule will be different than the frequency of visits for adjustments.

For you peace of mind, our full treatment fees are all-inclusive This means that the total fee quoted includes all diagnostic records, appliances, wires, braces, retainers, and includes all of the office visits, and adjustments needed to complete the active and retention phase of care, with no hidden extras, for one year after removal of the braces. The only exception is for replacement of lost or broken appliances or retainers.  We do not charge more if treatment takes longer or for breakages to the braces or aligners.

A significant portion of the fees paid for early or interceptive treatment , will be applied when it comes time for full treatment to start.    We do not feel it is fair to charge patients extra if they require two stages of treatment to get the job done.

Insurance Estimates and Claims

We will also give you estimate forms for your insurance and explain how you can obtain reimbursement for the orthodontic benefits you may have.

For your convenience, we gladly accept VISA, MasterCard and Interac for all payments.  However, the most popular method of payment is automatic electronic withdraw of your monthly payments, from your bank account.

We look forward to working with you to get the treatment you need and deserve !